Angelique Jones          

Even if this is not your preferred genre i would suggest it to you. Sometimes you need to step outside you comfort zone and try something new. Revenge, Misery, Loss, Hope, Redemption, Vengeance, Betrayal . if that is what you seek then i don't believe you will be disappointed. 

Book 5 of The Family Series

Sometimes the past will not be forgotten
Sometime the truth cannot be ignored
Sometimes the future cannot be seen

Michael’s world was right where it was supposed to be until one woman stepped out of his past. Now choices must be made. Choices that will not only change Michael’s life but his family’s future forever.  

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Victoria’s life was never what you would call great
Her family hated her
Her mother abandoned her
Her boyfriend took off when a child was dropped off on her doorstep
So when she accidently witnesses a murder she shouldn’t have been surprised
But she was
Terrified Victoria takes her child and flees only to land in the very place that she shouldn’t be
Confronted with the murdered boy’s family can she help before what she knows gets her killed or will her own past catch up with her first