Angelique Jones          

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All Families have secrets but some places hide those secrets.

Coming November 2017

Book 6 of the Family Series

I have long feared that my sins would haunt me
I have long feared that I would receive the judgement of man instead of my creator
I have long known that the true darkness that I held within had yet to be released


Watching the mirror lined walls as she made her way to the exit there was no joy no satisfaction as she watched the broken man that still sat at the table staring aimlessly into the nothingness that had become his life. Tonight he would go home not to a loving family but a room full of corpses. Corpses that she would add to if he didn’t do everything that she said. The rules that she had once lived by were gone. The honor that she once clung to even at her darkest was no more. There was no gods will, no man’s law there was only Hammurabi's Code. There was only an eye for an eye.